BPX: The Black Party Expo 2012

Hello BPX fans! I bring you the Black Party Expo blog! Turn here to read all about the latest news on Black Party weekend and promotional events leading up to the best party in NYC! I’ll be posting confirmed companies and talent and giving you tips on where to go and who to see and what the weeks events will be.

The dates for BPX: The Black Party Expo and bazaar for next year will be: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 & Saturday, March 24th, 2012. Two days this year again. Friday night we will be bringing you the Rentboy Hookies Awards again, and then re-open for Saturday day. The Black Party will be Saturday night of the 24th at Roseland Ballroom. Get ready!

We are very excited about how successful the Expo was this year and are pleased to bring it back in 2012. All of our vendors were very happy with the event and have arranged to return next year. With all of this great feedback, we expect many new vendors to want to jump on board after seeing the success of the first 2 events and hearing such great word of mouth. We’re taking it up a notch this year. Don’t miss it!

Exciting news! We are going to be bringing a mini Expo to Montreal during Black & Blue! We’ll be setting up inside the Priape store with demos, cocktails, and models. Hope you can join us! We also have been set up to Produce the Military Ball. Check back for details.

Til then people, keep it safe, keep it cute, and keep it classy.

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