We Made a Scene at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in D.C.

This past weekend BPX hit the road again. We went to D.C. this time, to do some promotional events in conjunction with Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. This years event was one of the best in years, thanks to the hard work of the Centaurs. As promotional partners of the weekend, we were granted access to their awesome leather-mart. This vendor mart is huge and all leather and fetish companies selling amazing fetish wear. This year M.A.L. took over the entire hotel, so a lot more shenanigans were taking place. Everywhere you looked there were men in leather and latex, cop uniforms, army fatigues, motor bike outfits, puppy’s on dog leashes, even some furries!

The first night we headed to the Code Party at the Green Lantern and wrapped Jacob Pring, the event organizer in a mawashi. A Mawashi is the little cloth belt that sumo wrestlers wear in competition and training. With the theme of this year’s Black Party being Asian Underworld, we love how the Mawashi on a sexy man can be such an awesome fashion statement and make you stop and take a second glance. We decided to carry the mawashi wrapping all weekend. We next wrapped Dave Merrill, another DJ and promoter in D.C., while he spun the cocktail party Friday night for M.A.L.

For the rest of the weekend we did more wrappings inside the Hotel lobby and in very busy common areas on sexy models we provided. What was really cool, was how so many people just stopped to watch this respectful scene of wrapping. It could be very erotic. We even had a few people come up and ask us where they could get those outfits. Were we selling them? We used the opportunity to promote BPX weekend for 2012 and successfully did what we went to do… spread the word.

See images below of the Mawashi models.

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