Post-Event Coverage. Art + Sin: Black Party Posters 1981-2012

Thursday March, 8th, 2012 – SAINT AT LARGE for the first time ever held an art show at the LGBT Center to display 30 years of Black Party posters. The event was a benefit for the Center. Also on hand was Leslie Lohman Art Museum with a live nude male drawing circle. All drawings could be purchased at the event, with sales benefiting LGBT Charities. As attendees sipped cocktails and perused the artwork they were free to enter the raffle to win BPX tickets, past Black Party Posters, as well as CD’s. Robert Zash, photographer for the past 15 years at the Black Party was also on hand with an awesome digital display of 15 years of Black Party Portraits. The event also marked the premiere of the new BPX Art Zine. Published in conjunction with gay art magazine, SPUNK.

Next Magazine Images:

Photography: JJ Mack


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